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SB-5 Combined Rice Mill

        This model is apecial small-scale equipment for paddy-processing. It is composed of feeding hopper paddy husking unit,separating unit for brown rice and chaff,milling unit and jet blower,etc.The paddy can finish the process of cleaning,husking,air-blowing selecting,and milling in succession.Then husk,chaff,runtish paddy,and white rice are pushed out of machine respectively.This machine has a rational layout,compact structure and little noise in operation.It is light and easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity.The model can produce white rice with high purity above National standard 1,and with less chaff containing and less broken rice.Soit is a new type paddy-processing machine for the countryside.

Main technical specifications
Rice huller
Rubber roller Φ153×63.5(mm)(diameter*length)
R.P.M of fast roller: 1703 r/min
R.P.M of slow roller:1311 r/min
R.P.M of husk blower:1787 r/min
  Rice polisher:
Iron cylinder:Φ62×247mm(outer diameter of protrudes*length)
Screw conueyor:Φ68*80mm(outer diameter*length)
Hexagonal screen:Φ73*231mm(diameter of inscribed circle*length)                                
Meshof hexagonal screen:0.95*15mm(width*length)
R.P.M of main shaft of rice polisher:1240 r/min
R.P.M of high pressure blower:3456 r/min
Power reguired: 5.5kw
Output  Long-shaped rice 260~350 kg/h (standard 1)
Round-shaped rice 300~400kg/h(standard1)
 Overall dimensions of machine:860×692×1290mm(L×W×H)
Weight of machine:130 kg(Excluding the weight of power engine)

Working procedure of  Combined Rice Mill /rice milling machine :
Paddy firstly enters into the machine through vibrating sieve and
 magnet device, then passes rubber-roller for hulling. After air blowing
 and air jetting to the milling room, the paddy finishes the process of husing and milling in succession. Then husk, unripe paddy, and white rice are expelled out of the machine respectively. The dust collector collects the fine chaff.
Introduction to Combined Rice Mill /rice milling machine :
This model is a comprehensive mill for grain processing. It is composed of feeding hopper, paddy husking unit,separating unit for rice and chaff, milling unit and air jet blower,etc. It can complete the whole process of cleaning, hulling, wind-selection and polishing successively, meanwhile, discharge husks, coarse bran, blighted grain and rice out of the machine respectively. This machine  adopts all the advantages of other types, and has a comprehensive layout, rational design, compact structure and little noise in operation.It is easy to operate with less power consumption and high productivity. The model can produce rice with high purity above national standard. The final rice contains less chaff and low broken rate. This rice mill is a high efficiency, multipurpose rice processing equipment. Combined rice mill has multifunction. It can turn paddy into brown rice and the first class rice, even it can turn the huskers into the feed. It has such virtues: less broken rice, low rice temperature. It is ideal processing equipment, especially suitable for small and 
medium sized rice milling factory and specialized households.

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